P&M Quik GTR 912S (100hp) - SLSA



2015 Quik GTR 912S (100hp)  /  SLSA


The very latest P&M Quik GTR and ready to go. This is one of the very best trikes I have flown. The stability and performance range of the GTR wing is unmatched in the industry. The very best for flight instruction and from beginners to advanced pilots. Whether you are looking to fly around the patch, enjoy sharing flying with others or setup for cross country, the P&M Quik GTR will do it all.


The new orange combination in this trike is one of the slickest I have seen. At any airport you stop, it for sure will have people stop to check it out, so you just need to get used to that and do not leave the key!


It is quite well equipped, includes the explorer option with larger tundra tires and wheel spats, and has all the latest upgrades to the wing. Including under surface vents, STARS and Roll trim as well as the standard electric speed trim.


Save money purchasing this demonstrator with very low hours. All service directives up-to-date, and fresh annual.



Options and Accessories Included


This aircraft include all standard equipment plus:


Instruments included: ASI, VSI, ALT, Compass, Speed Trim Light Indicator, Push-Start Button, Ignition Key, Charging Light Indicator, on/off switches and breakers.


Enigma Extreme Engine Monitoring System (EMS) with Fuel Flow Meter


Latest available P&M trim systems: Electric Speed Trim, STARS Roll Trim


Explorer Package with tundra tires and large wheel spats.


Upgraded disk brakes in all 3-wheels


Training Bars, trike & engine heavy duty covers and propeller blade covers


3-Blade Carbon Warp Drive


Aveo Strobes and Position Lights and Landing Light


Oil and Coolant Thermostat and backup electric fuel pump.


Communication system (radio, intercom, headsets, helmets) is not included. However we can quote on the latest MicroAvionics equipment for your trike.